Bbnaija season 7: Eloswag and chomzy get intimate after fight over phyna (video)

 Last few days, the level 1 housemates got into a heated fights amongst themselves. But one fun thing about them is, they don’t exaggerate their fights, they make up as soon as possible.


Ex head of house Eloswag got into an argument with chomzy and chichi, popularly known as gossip mates. This argument started because chomzy and chichi kept on talking about how Eloswag kissed Phyna at the party last Saturday. Then Eloswag got angry about their talks and warned them to stop talking about it.

Chomzy and chichi lashed out to him unapologetically.despite knowing what they did was bad.

Bella decided to intrude in the case just to defend her friends.
after the whole fight, chomzy and Eloswag were seen under the duvet having their time And enjoying themselves.


Author: Adedeji Sola

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