“Beauty and I had a big argument, the security had to come in, we almost hit each other” Doyin

Yesterday, we saw Doyin and the housemates having a big discussion about the level 2 housemates.

they previously met themselves at the head of house games, so they got into the house and had to talk about their experiences with the level 2 housemates.

prior to the show, the 24 housemates observe two week lockdown with, and big brother gave them 1 week to get to know each other. They were in pairs.

Doyin was with beauty as her roommate, and they had an argument that got the securities to their rescue. We are yet to know the reason for the big argument but this will be when the housemates are finally mixed up together. In Doyin’s words

“Beauty and I had a big argument, that they had to call us to ask if everything is fine, the security came upstairs and we were screaming, we almost hit each other”



Author: Adedeji Sola

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