“Bella Did Well, Phyna Was Rude And She Got What She Deserved,” Daniel Regha Reveals His Take On Bella And Phyna Outburst (VIDEO)

Bella and Phyna outburst yesterday got a lot of people talking. Well, that is what we subscribed for. Quarrels and outbursts including relationships has always been the main contents of the show.



Phyna being the Head of house instructed Bella to stop talking about food in the lounge since their discussion was based on their wager. This did not sit well with Bella and this led to their outburst. The both of them had to insult each other. Bella called her a street girl and Phyna had to ask her who trained her?


The extent of the quarrel had to involve the lovers of these 2 housemates and even the interference of other housemates in the house.


Popular Nigerian Twitter influencer, Daniel Regha, revealed his take on the Bella vs Phyna saga. According to him, Phyna got what she deserved as she also has to respect other HMs despite her being the head of house.


In his words, Bella did well because Phyna statement wws outright disrespectful (Who Trained You?). Daniel Regha also believed that Phyna had no rights to disrespect Bella even though she is the Head of house byt the other housemates aren’t kids either. She got what she deserved because respect is reciprocal.



Fans had to blast Regha. They believed he was speaking out of context. Some fans also questioned him why Bella would tell Phyna she was from the streets.


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