We all could recollect Bella and Phyna having an heated argument yesterday. This happened when Bella was talking to Chomzy about food and Phyna told them not to talk about food in the lounge except their wager issues. Bella who wasn’t comfortable with this had to talk back at Phyna. Bella called her a street girl and Phyna had to ask her who trained her?



This led to the involvement of Sheggz and Groovy who almost fought. Other housemates too were involved as they had to settle the matter.


Pere on his Twitter handle had to say his opinion about the quarrel. In his own opinion, he believed that Bella needed to respect Phyna at all times for her being the Head of house.


In his words, he said, “The emblem on the neck of the HoH should not be disrespected. I sternly believe people who disrespect the emblem go out of their way to do so just for content sake. It actually costs nothing to show some respect to the HoH seeing that you may become one.”



Viewers of the show supported Pere for this. Some also went as far as commending their set for doing things in unity despite the quarrels they had.