“Bella Lacks Emotional Intelligence, She Says Things Without Thinking Of The Consequences,” Bryann Reveals To Big Brother (VIDEO)

The outburst between Phyna and Bella has been the spotlight and main content of the show this week as eveyone including celebrities and housemates are giving their take on the situation.



Recollect that Phyna and Bella had a heated argument that got a lot of people talking. This occurred after Phyna instructed the housemates not to discuss food but rather the wager job they were preparing for. Bella, in her own perspective, isn’t comfortable with it and had to speak up. This led to the two housemates insulting each other, with other housemates having to interfere to settle the situation.


Bryann during his diary session with Big Brother revealed his take on the argument. According to him, he believes Bella lacks emotional intelligence and that is why she takes things too far. He pointed out that Bella says thing without thinking of the consequences afterwards.


According to him, he also believed that Bella said some negative things about Phyna’s background which made Phyna to retaliate and Bella has to take it personal. We know that Bella called her a street girl and this in return made Phyna questioned her who trained her?



Fans supported Bryann and believed he was saying facts. Some even went ahead to say that he really analysed the situation and he was being honest.





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