For over a decade now, the likes of Wizkid, Davido and other stars have emerged in the Nigerian music industry, which has pushed the image of Afrobeat to global recognition.

Following the massive success of Wizkid and Davido who are currently at the peak of their career, a lot of fans are concerned about who’s the richest and who has the largest fanbase among the two music giants. Their unique musical qualities also have created a massive rivalry between them as they share several things in common. Since the two debuted in the genre of Afrobeat, they have bagged an enormous number of similar musical successes

In this post, we will be highlighting the topic base on their social followers and international recognition.

Their debut songs were hits

After Wizkid signed to the EME, his debut song ‘Holla at your boy’ a massive track from his debut album ‘Superstar’ emerged as the number one song as of then. He immediately bagged fame and became the point of attraction to date.

This also transpired in the life of Davido. His debut song ‘Back when’ featuring Nateo C who spiced it up with his rapping qualities also was a hit that derived Nigerians crazy.

It emerged to be one of the greatest Afrobeat songs that thrilled thousands of people. This bond also is yet to be quenched as Davido and Wizkid still dish out hit songs every single year.

They both were awarded the Headies in the category of the next rated artist in their debut year.

Wizkid often blew before Davido. In 2011, ‘Holla at your boy’ was nominated amongst the other hit songs in the category of next-rated artist. As expected, Wizkid clinched the award boosting his energy and opening his plaque cabinet and account.

A year after, Davido also struck the limelight with his debut single and was also nominated for the next rated artist.

His debut single, Dami Duro clinched him the award and he bagged the plaque opening an account for other musical awards to flow in.


Davido and Wizkid have never seemed to let their fans down by their continual production of good music for their fan, they have always kept the fire burning in the music industry.

Here is our breakdown of who has the highest fan base or followers on social media handles such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Davido Social Handles/Fanbase

  • Instagram: 24.6 million followers
  • Twitter: 11.8 million followers

Wizkid Social Handles/Fanbase

  • Instagram: 14.9 million followers
  • Twitter: 10.4 million followers