Yesterday was a proposed Saturday Night Party for the Big Brother Naija Season 7 2022 housemates. This was the usual protocol of Big Brother Naija to organize an elaborate party for all her housemates every Saturday of the week. This time around, BBNaija fans are very angry with one of the housemates, Chichi.


On the day she announced herself as one of BBNaija Season 7 housemates, Chichi introduced herself to be a stripper since she had introduced herself as str! pper to the whole fans of Big Brother Naija, they expected her to either show unique dance moves in the house.


BBNaija fans were furious and had no time; they did not hesitate to start trolling Chichi on social media. Without much ado, her handler quickly addresses the issue:


Her handler post reads:


What is wrong with Chichi? A question that seems to be on everyone’s lips tonight…yes something is wrong, something has always been wrong. Chichi wasn’t born into a family of strippers, she was brought into this life like you and I, grew up with different dreams #BBNaija

She had different plans, reality struck and she danced for survival. Dancing to her isn’t just fun, it isn’t a way to easy stress like it is for most people. Dancing to Chichi is an assignment, a full time job, where she has to meet a deadline by the end of the night.


What happened tonight? Tonight…Chichi took a break, for the first time in a while she felt she no longer had to jump to the sound of music just to hit a target, she did not have to be please anyone or to report to any boss with profits, she felt free.



I know you wanna see her, you want more and that’s only because you love her but I’m asking you to please allow Chichi enjoy this one night without constantly trying to please an audience, allow her catch a breath of fresh air for just one night ❤️



Few comments from her followers reads:


Madam y is she in the house? Her goal is to entertain us the view for us to vote for her. This is when she shld evn do more not relax.


Sorry handler , this whole story didn’t sell the “empathy” you wanted.

Also wasn’t necessary.


This has to be the best well constructed rubbish I have read in my life.