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Priyanka Jha, MS Dhoni’s ex-girlfriend who passed away in a car accident while riding with MS Dhoni, is well-known. She was regarded as Dhoni’s good fortune charm.


Priyanka Jha: Biography/Wiki


Real Name Priyanka Jha
Nickname Priya
Profession Not Known


Her real name is Priyanka Jha, and she goes by the name Priya. We don’t know anything about her occupation. However, the movie claimed that she was employed by a private corporation.

No platform has any comprehensive information regarding Priyanka’s occupation.


Priyanka Jha: Birthday, Age, Phone Number, Mobile Number,

Date Of Birth No Info
Age Died
Birthplace No Info
Hometown NA
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu


Priyanka Jha attended the same Shyamali, DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir school as Dhoni. While Priyanka’s family was well-off, Dhoni hailed from a modest background. Priyanka was utterly enamored with Dhoni, hence her lack of financial means was of no concern to her. Even the closest of Dhoni’s friends and family once believed that his decision to retire from his position as a railway ticket collector was foolish. Only Priyanka and Dhoni’s in-sister law’s supported him.


Dhoni’s courage to battle against all challenges and succeed in being a sportsstar from Jharkhand can be attributed to Priyanka. Sadly, she was not present to see her boyfriend’s ascent to the highest levels of achievement. In 2002, she was killed in an automobile collision. Dhoni spent the six months following her passing completely alone and avoided playing cricket.



Later, Dhoni understood that Priyanka wanted to see him become a successful cricket player and represent India. Dhoni is referred to as “Captain Cool” because of his reputation for remaining composure under pressure. After her passed away, Dhoni settled down and shown little anger or irritability. The death altered Dhoni’s perspective on life. Then, in 2003 and 2004, he was chosen for the India A squad’s trip of Kenya and Zimbabwe, and things started to look up for him.

Disha Patani, Tiger Shroff’s girlfriend, played Priyanka Jha in the film “Dhoni – The Untold Story.”

Sushant Singh Rajput, an actor, portrays MS Dhoni in the film.

Sakhi Singh Rewat, Dhoni’s wife, is eight years younger than her husband despite attending the same school.

Ziva, their daughter, was born.


Educational Qualification: School, College, University

Primary School No Info
Secondary School N. A.
High School No Info
Intermediate N A
Graduation No Info
Post- Graduation No Info


She relocated to the closest town after finishing high school in order to complete her intermediate education, where she achieved the highest possible grade.


The time has come for her graduation, and she earned her degree from the government university that was located the closest to her house.

However, Priyanka Jha was unable to continue her education beyond the undergraduate level for a variety of reasons.

The aforementioned information was obtained from the internet, and we do not have any specific information regarding her educational qualification. Please let us know in the comments if you discovered any errors, and we will correct them as soon as possible.

Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Height 5.3 feet
Weight (approx.) 51 kg
Physical Appearance Sound health
Shoe Size 7 Inches
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black


Some people thought that Priyanka was really attractive and that she stood at a height of 1.68 meters (5.3 feet). Her weight was close to 51 kilograms, and despite this, she presented an extremely attractive figure.

In addition, she constantly practiced yoga and exercised in order to keep her body in good shape and maintain her fitness level. If you want to maintain your health, Priyanka believes that doing yoga regularly is an absolute must.

Priyanka is a huge fan of designer shoes, as seen by the extensive collection of more than fifty pairs that can be found in her home. Therefore, whenever she gets a new salary, she makes it a point to go shopping for new shoes.

She had a stunning dark eye, and as a result, people were drawn to her, and they frequently discussed her eyes. When it is wet, her jet black hair has an appearance that is even more lustrous and alluring.


The movie portrays Priyanka Jha as a very uncomplicated young woman who aspires to have a straightforward existence. But alas, she was taken from this world too soon after being involved in an automobile accident.

Priyanka Jha: Caste, Father, Mother, Wife, Son, Daughter, Family

Father No Info
Mother Not Info
Brother/Sister Not Known
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend MS Dhoni
Relationship Status Single
Son No Info
Daughter N.A

MS Dhoni’s first serious relationship was with Priyanka Jha, an accomplished Indian cricketer. Priya was the object of Dhoni’s passionate affection, and the two of them are planning to wed.


On the other hand, God has a whole different plan in mind. All of Ms. Dhoni’s hopes and goals were dashed when he brought Priyanka to him at such an early age.

Since Priyanka and MS Dhoni did not get married, they do not have any children.


Likes Or Dislike

Actors Abhishek Bachhan
Actresses Aishwarya Rai
Singers Lata Mangeshkar
Colors Yellow
Songs Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon
Hobbies Writing Poems


Priyanka devotes a lot of her time to watching movies that Abhishek Bachhan has acted in, and she considers him to be her favorite actor. But she admits that viewing movies might occasionally make her feel bored. During that time period, she was known to sing songs.


Her ultimate career goal was to be just like Aishwarya Rai, who was her favorite female performer growing up. However, because of sad circumstances, her desire could not come true.


She was a devoted admirer of Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar Ji, and Priyanka’s favorite type of music to listen to was classic Bollywood music. She worships Lata Ji and does everything in accordance with what she instructs.

Yellow was her favorite hue, and she often wore yellow dresses to parties because it was her favorite thing to wear. Many people have complimented her on how well yellow looks on her.


She owns a collection of more than 15 dresses and dupattas in the color yellow. MS Dhoni was kind enough to provide some of them to the team.

When Priyanka had some free time, she would sing a song called “Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon,” which was one of her favorite songs. That song was her all-time favorite, and she still enjoys playing it over and over again.

Priyanka’s unique talent was poetry writing, and in her spare time, she would compose verse whenever she got the opportunity.

Priyanka Jha: Net Worth, Salary, And Earning

Net Worth No Info
Monthly Income N A

Since Priyanka is no longer with us, it is impossible to estimate her monthly income or her net worth because she is no longer in this planet.

However, during the time when she was employed by a private organization, her monthly salary was very close to $30,000 dollars.

Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram Account Details

Youtube Visit
Instagram Visit Now
Facebook Visit
Tik Tok Visit


The user names that Priyanka Jha uses for her channels on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are unknown to us. Maintain contact with us in order to obtain exhaustive information.

Priyanka Jha’s Original Pic, Accident News, Picture, Death

According to the movie, Priyanka passed away as a result of a car accident; however, we do not have any details regarding her passing.

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