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Dr Malinga Biography


Goodwill Malinga, born on July 7, 1980, and known professionally as Dr. Malinga, is a phenomenally talented South African singer, record producer, and dancer.

Dr. Malinga is well-known for his trademark high kicks and suit attire. He claims that he wears suits to disprove the myth that it is impossible to look cute while wearing a suit, and that he was attempting to demonstrate that dressing in a suit can also be cool.

Dr. Malinga revealed that Rebecca Malope was his inspiration. His collaboration with DJ Choice on the chart-topping single “Casanova” catapulted him to the forefront of public consciousness. His record label, which he is currently running.



Stage Name: Dr Malinga
Real Name Goodwill Malinga
Occupation Record Producer, Recording artiste and Dancer
Date of Birth 7th of July, 1980
Place of Birth Themba, Hamanskraal, South Africa
Gender Male
Nationality South African
Relationship status Married
Education Information not available



Family And Beginning

Dr. Malinga is from Themba, a town in the South African province of Hamanskraal. The artist is one of four children, and his grandma raised all of them.

From his beginnings in 1988, when he gave out flyers for nearby furniture and electronics companies, Dr. Malinga’s journey to become a megastar and the head of his own record label is an amazing one.

Dr. Malinga has always wanted to pursue a career as a vocalist. He is currently widely considered as one of the most successful artists in South Africa as a result of his undivided attention and diligence.



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Musical Milestones

After the release of his number-one hit “Casanova,” on which he worked with DJ Choice and received numerous accolades, Dr. Malinga became well-known. He did, however, start getting into music when he was quite young.

Dr. Malinga originally started distributing flyers in front of a furniture shop. There, he met a sister who was usually singing to promote her company. As a result, he declared his interest in singing and started singing. He started singing, but when he looked around, he saw that nobody was listening, so he changed to dancing. This choice resulted in the creation of Dr. Malinga as we are familiar with him today.

After some time, Dr. Malinga split up with Kalawa Jazmee and started his own independent record company, Linga Entertainment. Since then, he has introduced renowned musicians in addition to creating fantastic tunes on his own.

Dr. Malinga has collaborated with some of South Africa’s top performers in the arts. Additionally, he has performed on stages alongside both local and foreign performers. His music has been widely popularized throughout Africa, which has increased the number of people who support him.


Dr Malinga Albums

Since his debut, Dr. Malinga has published a few albums, including the following:

  • Holly piano (2019)
  • Busiswe (2019)
  • Goodwill (2016)
  • Robbie Malinga (2017) alongside Hugo flow and Robbie Malinga


Dr Malinga Songs

Dr. Malinga has more than 20 songs available, several studio albums, and joint projects with well-known musicians. Here are some of Dr. Malinga’s tunes.

  • Dr Malinga- Solak’Seni
  • Dr Malinga- Uyajola 99
  • Dr Malinga- Indlela
  • Dr Malinga- Petronella
  • Dr Malinga- Nyusi Volume
  • Dr Malinga- Angilalanga izolo
  • Dr Malinga- Akulaleki
  • Dr Malinga- Giya Giya
  • Dr Malinga- Uyaliveselela
  • Dr Malinga- Skhothane


Dr Malinga’s Performance And Presence

Dr. Malinga has been the featured speaker and performer at important events both domestically and abroad. He has performed, for example, at the South African Music Awards (SAMA). Additionally, he has appeared as a guest on TV programs that have been shown on SABC, Channel O, and Mzansi Magic. He has also performed at some of the most well-known clubs and festivals in South Africa.


Dr Malinga’s Wife & Kids

Dr. Malinga and Boitumelo Mosupye have a happy marriage. She gave birth to a stepson for him, and the two of them now have four kids altogether after recently welcoming a set of twins in the year 2020.


Awards And Nominations

DJ Malinga has received numerous honors and nominations for his song since he made his debut. One of these honors is the South African Music Awards trophy he won for best Kwaito album (SAMA).


Dr Malinga’s Net Worth

DJ Malinga’s net worth is thought to range between $1 million to $5 million. This is calculated by adding up the money he made from sponsorship deals, album sales, YouTube views, show performances, properties and investments he owned, and other assets. The musician is considered as one of South Africa’s most successful performers and is doing extremely well financially.

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