Five Things You Should Know About Themba ‘Broly’ Mabaso

Themba Mabaso, once known as The Ghost and Themba Broly and now one of South Africa’s hottest up-and-coming musical artists, has just released an album.


For the Big Brother Mzansi star, it’s been a wild ride as he’s branched out into a slew of creative endeavors as his career has taken off.

Seven-track New Dawn is a demonstration of the artist’s flexibility, with a wide range of sounds and genres that honor the diversity of our continent.


New Dawn marks the beginning of a new kind of journey for Themba Broly. Photo: Instagram


Here are a few things you may not have known about Mabaso:


Mabaso, the decorated tattoo artist


Covered from head to toe in some of the sickest tatts I’ve seen in a while, Mabaso also doubles down as a musician and tattoo artist. In a 2022 article with City Press, the artist said that he put his tattoo career on hold to work on his other creative ventures, but would most certainly be back in the studio once he found his feet in the music business.


Fans go crazy with his GoFundMe:


Mabaso may have walked away from the Big Brother house without the R2 million prize, but his fans wouldn’t let it slide, and with that, a fundraising account in his name was born.

With a fierce fanbase, he has been quite successful at maintaining the funding account, where fans have even donated more than R1 000 at a time.

One fan who donated said: “Dear Themba, I don’t even know where to begin. You are the most amazing person that has ever stepped foot on this planet. This is the beginning of great things for you. You are meant for greatness.”


Mabaso, the homeowner:


His fans really pulled through with donations, having raised over R200 000.

Enthralled by his potential, the Ghost Nation, as his fanbase is commonly referred to, donated more than enough for the star to get himself an apartment.

In an emotional Twitter post, he said:

“To the genuine hearts that made this a reality, thank you.”

Not so single and ready to mingle:


In recent news, it seemed that a steamy romance was also on the cards for Mabaso, who confirmed dating rumours with fellow Big Brother Mzansi contestant, 27-year-old Michelle Mvundla, lovingly known as Mpho Wa Badimo.

In an interview with Drum, he said: “Mpho Wa Badimo and I have been good friends since the day we walked into the house and we are still going strong.

“Yes, we are currently dating. But, it took time to get our friendship to this point. She is a very beautiful soul, an intelligent and supportive person. I enjoy being around her because she builds me to be a better person, father and a brand.”

They were also pictured at this year’s Durban July, with a few cosy snaps with Mvundla’s family.


5. Father Mabaso, the spiritual guy:


Mabaso appears to be a spiritual guy. His Twitter and Instagram captions often include Bible verses.

On his new album, a song called Modimo becomes the backdrop to the other side of Mabaso.

“They don’t like when you talk about God,” he says, as he opens up about how God has been and continues to be there for him.

One thing is certain, Themba ‘Broly’ Mabaso is here to stay. With an adoring fanbase and a long list of unpredictable moves that make him a rather exciting celebrity, one can only wonder what he is going to give us next.

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