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Who is George Fivaz

George Fivaz is a renowned South African photographer who is famous for his artistic and documentary work. He was born on July 31, 1949, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Currently, George Fivaz is 73 years old and is still active in the photography industry. In this article, we will discuss his net worth, career, and nationality.

George Fivaz Net Worth

George Fivaz’s net worth is not publicly known. However, it is estimated that he has earned a substantial amount of money throughout his career. Fivaz’s work has been featured in several exhibitions and art galleries across the globe. His photographs are highly sought after and are known to fetch high prices at auctions.

George Fivaz Career

George Fivaz started his career as a photographer in the 1970s. He began working as a photojournalist for various newspapers and magazines, covering political and social issues in South Africa. Fivaz’s work gained international recognition in the 1980s when he started documenting the struggles of the anti-apartheid movement.

In 1986, Fivaz’s photograph of a dying child in Mozambique won him the World Press Photo of the Year award. This image brought attention to the devastating effects of the civil war in Mozambique and helped raise awareness about the plight of the people affected by it.

Fivaz’s work continued to gain international acclaim, and he was invited to exhibit his photographs in several countries. In 1994, Fivaz was awarded the Order of Merit by the South African government for his contribution to the country’s art and culture.

Today, Fivaz is known for his artistic and documentary work. He has exhibited his photographs in several exhibitions across the world, including the Johannesburg Art Gallery, the Iziko South African National Gallery, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

George Fivaz Nationality

George Fivaz is a South African national. He was born and raised in Johannesburg, and his work has been heavily influenced by his experiences living in South Africa during the apartheid era. Fivaz’s photographs often document the social and political issues that South Africa faced during this time, including the struggle for human rights and freedom.


George Fivaz is an accomplished South African photographer whose work has had a significant impact on the art world. His photographs have captured some of the most critical moments in South Africa’s history and have helped raise awareness about social and political issues across the globe. Despite being 73 years old, Fivaz continues to produce powerful images and inspire future generations of photographers.

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