How Old is Bella BBNaija 2022,Biography, Real name, Age, pictures

  1. Chidinma Esther Ukagbue popularly Known by her stage name Bella is one of 24 Big brother naija season 7 housemates. In this article we have gathered all information about her that you also need to know.


Bella’s Biography 

Bella is from anambra state, onitcha to be precise, she was born on the 31st of may 1997. She is a graduate of university of Lagos. Bella has further more stated some of the things she loves and the things she doesn’t like.

She said she loves traveling, she loves luxury. In her words’

“if it’s not expensive, i don’t want it”


She enjoys, swimming and traveling, and she wants her and her husband to travel on a vacation every year. She also stated that she loves connecting with people, and she wanted to be a model as well. But the only reason she won’t be a model is because she’s not tall.

from what we have seen Bella is a no nonsense person, she easily gets provoked and she always looks sad but isn’t sad at all times, it’s just her normal look.

How old is Bella BBNaija


she said, she hates people that are dirty, a grown up person shouldn’t be dirty.

she also stated that, she has more male friends than female because she doesn’t get along with girls.  Relationship with girls always ends up with fights or gossips.


Bella’s irritating habits

Bella further said some of her habits that will irritate other housemates is her bluntness and her inability to sugar coat words, she says them as they are or she says them as she feels.

Bella has a brother and sister who are also c free celebrities, and these two are rooting for her to win the grand price. she spent her early stage in life touring around Nigeria and across.

Bella BBNaija career

Bella is a face model, content creator and business woman, she also graduated with a first class from university of Lagos state.
she bec da me popular after she was introduced on the show bully the host, ebuka.


Bella BBNaija Networth

Bella has a business which she’s using to fund her fun life and daily needs, she said she’s interested in fashion and Arts.

she is worth over $20,000 as at now.


Bella BBNaija Assets

In some of Bella’s pictures, she has posed with with luxury cars but non of those cars was officially announced as hers. So it’s still unknown is Bella has a car or not.


Bella BBNaija social media handles

Bella is active on many popular social media platforms. He handles are below

Feel free to follow her social media handles for more updates about her

  • Instagram: @bellaokagbue
  • Twitter: @Bella_Okagbue
  • Facebook: itsbellaokagbue
  • TikTok: bellaokagbue



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