How To Watch BBNaija 24/7 Even If You Don’t Have Light In Your House

How To Watch BBNaija 24/7 Even If You Don't Have Light In Your House

I Am of the Assumption that you have a Gotv or dstv, but you are not constantly updated due to work or even light interruptions.

Even if you don’t have gotv or DStv, you can still watch bbnaija without interruption.

You can watch bbnaija from anywhere in the world with your mobile phone.

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Three Apps For Watching BBNaija

  • Dstv now App
  • My gotv app
  • Show max

Steps to sign up

Go to the play store or Apple AppStore and download any of the apps mentioned above.

If you have a dstv in your house, you can download the dstv the same as gotv.

If you don’t have the gotv app or the dstv app, simply download showmax and subscribe for monthly viewing; this way, you’ll be able to watch bbnaija without any interruptions.

Requirements To Sign Up On My Gotv or MyDstv App.


You must have the phone number and email of the person that registered the gotv or DStv. Quickly open either of the apps and sign up with the steps mentioned.

If you are not interested in the steps, you can quickly sign up on show max and register with your details. After that, you subscribe, and then you can have unlimited viewing.


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