Mphowabadimo, the winner of Big Brother Mzansi, is reveling in her newfound stardom.

During an interview with Channel24 this week, she remarked that she felt like she was finally living the life of her dreams between radio appearances and photo sessions.

It’s simply the beginning of great things to come, she added, but she was proud of her progress so far.

Michele Dimpho Mvundla, also known as Mphowabadimo, has signed a partnership with the beverage company Castle Milk Stout shortly after participating in the ancestor day memorial event.

Mvundla added, “I can’t discuss anything about that deal because of NDA’s, but I connect with the brand and its goal, and I am glad to be on board.”

The reality star celebrated one month since she won the BBM title in April this week, and she described the past month as “eventful” when asked about the transition.

“Since I won BBM, my life has been fantastic. I’m getting used to this new situation. Taking it one day at a time is all you can do “the woman declared.

Big Brother Mzansi’s housemates returned to their regular lives once the program ended, albeit with a larger social media following and perhaps an endorsement or two.

Since then, Mvundla has attended SA Fashion Week and other DStv red carpet premieres, and she has even been featured in a cover shot.


The 27-year-old actress said that she has the backing of her fans and family since they are pleased with her achievements. The support I’ve received from my loved ones has been unconditional. She gushed, “My family and friends have been nothing but encouraging and supportive.

She intends to start a business and keep working as a sangoma with the money she won.

I’ve got a number of ideas, but the one I’m most excited about is starting a business and making millions more dollars.

After a couple of months of juggling industry employment and spiritual work, I plan to return to the latter. I haven’t found a place of calm yet. My schedule is completely full,” she said.

Mvundla continued that she wished to improve her presentation abilities.

“I’m working towards my goal of having my own talk show or reality program,” she said.