“I Like You So Much But You Don’t Express Your Love To Me,” Phyna Expresses Her Love To Groovy (VIDEO)

The love between these 2 doesn’t seem to be solid enough as Phyna complains about Groovy’s expression after the pool party. Phyna who seem to be bothered about Groovy’s expression of his love towards her pleaded to Groovy to reciprocate the love and emotions she has expressed towards him.



We could see Phyna laying on top of Groovy who doesn’t seem to be interested in Phyna laying on him. Phyna told Groovy that she really wants the relationship between them to work as she pleaded that he should express his love for her.


Phyna: I really like you alot, I want this relationship to work.. but I’m not certain about you.


Groovy: I really like you too, but it’s not just me to express my love emotions towards you.


Phyna: Why can’t you tell me you love me, who are you keeping this love for ??


Groovy: I don’t know yet, but I know I have a girlfriend and that’s you.



This has kept fans bothered whether Groovy is truly in love with Phyna but well, time will tell.


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