“I Will Miss Your Head,” Phyna Says To Allysyn As She Rubs Her Head After She Was Evicted (VIDEO)

Sunday’s night eviction was one of the best eviction ever. The Ninjas were sent to pack away Chomzy, Eloswag and Doyin away from the house after they were being evicted some weeks ago but were allowed to stay in the house as guests.



During the sunday night eviction, 2 other housemates were also evicted from the show. Dotun and Allysyn were sent home leaving the housemates to be 11 as they compete for the grand prize.


Allysyn was first evicted and during her eviction, we coud see Phyna rubbing Allysyn’s head as she says she will miss her head.



This got a lot of people talking as they jokingly said some funny things about Allysyn’s head. Some also had to attack Phyna due to the fact, Phyna nominated her in place of Chi Chi when she won the Head of house game.

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