In a new video that is already trending, Bryann revealed what Beauty would have done to level 1 housemates if she was still in the house. We all know Besuty was disqualified from the show due to her attitude that posed danger to others.



Bryann while discussing with Phyna, Daniella and Groovy revealed that Beauty wojod have changed it for Level 2 housemates especially during food issues.


Phyna also revealed her own thoughts when. Beauty was evicted. According to her, Beauty’s disqualification made her know that gra gra will not help her during the show. Daniella also said that Bella would have chopped slap if Beauty was still here.



Viewers of the show while reacting to this revealed that Beauty is the content. Some also went as far as saying that Phyna’s relationship with Groovy wouldn’t have stand if Beauty was still in the house while few disagreed with Daniella’s opinion about Beauty.