“If Bella Is Having Issues With Anyone, Don’t Involve Yourself,” Phyna Advises Sheggz, See His Response (VIDEO)

The feud between Phyna and Bella has caused a lot of mixed reactions online with different celebrities giving their take on the argument likewise the housemates.



We all know that some of the housemates (Phyna, Groovy, Chi Chi, Chomzy, Eloswag and Sheggz) were allowed on a movie date yesterday night and during the movie date, the housemates were able to settle their feuds and it has brought about peace.


Phyna advised Sheggz to refrain from getting involved in fights that is involving Bella who is his lover. She said this during the Showmax movie date.


According to her, Bella is an adult and can be able to deal with situations in her own way and not Sheggz being involved.


Sheggz also revealed that he had a similar conversation like this with his lover, Bella, and it seems Sheggz would be heeding to the advice of Phyna.



Viewers who watched this revealed that Phyna gave Sheggz a good advice and they also believed that Sheggz would heed to it.






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