“If Groovy Had Moved To Me After Beauty, I Would Never Have Accepted, I Can Never Be A Second Option,” Chomzy Reveals To Rachel (VIDEO)

We don’t know whether Chomzy is still pained about not dating Groovy or she is pained about Phyna and Groovy relationship. Recently, Chomzy revealed a shocking revelation that has got a lot of people talking.



We all know Groovy decided to move on from Beauty to Phyna not quite long after Beauty was disqualified from the BBNaija reality TV show.


Chomzy while reacting and discussing to Rachel revealed that if Groovy moved to her, she would have rejected Groovy because she can’t be a second option.



Fans reacting to this believed that she wants Groovy and she is probably waiting for the breakup of Groovy and Phyna. Fans also revealed that she is a deceiver and she likes to spoil relationship.


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