“If You Want To Keep Modella As Friend, Then This Relationship Can’t Work”, Bella Says T Sheggz (VIDEO)

Big Brother Naija housemate, Bella doesn’t seem to like the friendship between Sheggz and Modella as she has given her day over the relationship between Sheggz and Modella.



In a recent conversation, Sheggz was telling Bella about knowing Modella. According to Sheggz, he revealed that anytime he wants to get to know about Modella, Bella was always there to interrupt him.


While pouring his mind out to Bella, Bella decided to give her say over the relationship. According to her, she can’t be okay with Sheggz being friends with Modella and Sheggz must be a joker if he decides to do such.


She also said that if he tries to make friendship with Modella, that would be the end of the relationship and Sheggz won’t have her as she can’t approve of such friendship.



Fans believed she was just being cautious and she has the right to if she feels the friendship might pose as a danger to her relationship with Sheggz.



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