“Is Another Friendship About To Sail,” Reactions As Phyna Was Seen Tasting Bella’s Soup As They Joke Together (VIDEO)

We don’t know whether another friendship between these housemates is about to sail but we didn’t subscribe for it. All we want is contents and gbas gbos in Big Brother’s house to brighten up our day.



Recently, Phyna could be seen tasting Bella’s soup as they were chatting and joking and this has gotten people wondering whether these 2 are now friends.


Rachel and Chomzy could be seen in the discussion as Phyna tasted the soup. Bella and the 2 other housemates decided to know whether the soup is delicious and Phyna replied yes as they chatted.



Fans who saw this were happy as they pray for a friendship between these two. Some went ahead to reveal that they wanted the ladies to be united while some also said they wanted contents.

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