“Is Phyna Pregnant?” – Netizens React To Recent Phyna’s Physical Appearance At The Pool Party (VIDEO)

Fans have been concerned about the recent looks of BBNaija housemate Phyna at the pool party. Some were wondering whether she is already pregnant, while some suggested that she cuts down her alcohol intake and few suggested that she may be bloated due to the fact she is on her period.



The housemates normally have a pool party on Thursdays to relieve themselves of the stress during the week and last night was not an exception. The housemates all wore their expected attires (Bikinis for females and briefs for the male housemates) to the pool party.


Phyna was seen in a yellow bikini outfit and her stomach were protruding. Some Bella fans came for her as they revealed that she bodyshamed Bella meanwhile she is also trash.


Some also revealed that she drinks beer a lot which is the reason for her bloated tummy while few suggested that she is on her period.


What do you think could have been the reason for Phyna’s bloated stomach? Do you think she needs to cut down on her alcohol intake or do you think it is because she is on her period?


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