Gash1 and Thato have been dating for a long time now, months. Their Big Brother Mzansi romance began as a game but quickly became serious. Gash1 assured Thato of his undying affection for her, assuring her that they would have a lifetime of joy and affection together.

Yesterday, Gash1 sent that image of him to Thato. They’ve maintained a stunning appearance, and their adoring public continues to gush over them. Thato and Gash1 are continuously making big moves and running big businesses.


Both Thato, who is a presenter and dance instructor, and Gash1, who is still running his clothes business, have full schedules. Gash1 is always there for Thato since he knows she enjoys spending time with others and participating in the activities she enjoys.


Excellent work by Gash1 so far. He is the one true man for her, that Thato. Our fondest wishes are with them as a couple.