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Karoline Leavitt Biography

Karoline Leavitt spent her childhood in Atkinson, New Hampshire, where she was reared by her family, which owned and operated a modest business. Leavitt attended Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, and graduated from there. Prior to relocating to Washington, D.C. to work for President Donald J. Trump in the White House, Leavitt held the position of Associate Producer at the WMUR-TV station in Manchester. After working as a Presidential Writer, Leavitt went on to become an Assistant Press Secretary under the direction of Kayleigh McEnany. In this role, she fought against the establishment media in order to further the administration’s America First agenda. Following the election, Leavitt took a position as the Communications Director for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who was also the Chair of the House Republican Conference. During their battle against President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the extreme agenda of the House Democrats, Leavitt assisted Stefanik in leading the messaging for the campaign. Currently, Leavitt calls Hampton, New Hampshire home and contributes to the success of the family business.


Karoline Leavitt is 25 years old at this point in her life.


This year, Leavitt became the second member of Generation Z to win a congressional primary. In the general election, Leavitt will compete against the incumbent Democrat, Chris Pappas (N.H.), for a seat that Republicans view as one of their best opportunities to flip in their effort to regain the majority in the House.

During her victory speech on Tuesday night, Leavitt lashed out at Democrats as well as the “establishment” in Washington. She recalled how she had begun her campaign with no name recognition, no money, and little chance of defeating Republican Matt Mowers, who had run against Pappas in 2020 but lost by five percentage points. Mowers had been the Republican candidate against Pappas.

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