“Let’s Stop The Whole Level 1 And Level 2 Thing, We Are Now One,” Bella Says To Bryann (VIDEO)

Bella in a new video seem to be talking about level 1 and level 2 housemates. We all know at the beginning of the show, Big Brother decided to separate the housemates into 2 houses in which we had level 1 housemates and level 2 housemates.



After some weeks, Big Brother joined the housemates together leaving level 1 housemates to be more than level 2 housemates. Whenever a discussion ensues, they are always dividing themselves into level 1 and level 2 housemates and this usually cause wahala.


Earlier today, Bella called Bryann and told him that they needed to stop the whole level 1 and level 2 thing since they are now together. She also pointed out the fact that she has been up for eviction 4 times and that she might leave the house anytime.



Fans came for her as they revealed she is the one alwaya dividing the house into level 1 and level 2. They also revealed that whenever she is talking about eviction, she always want level 2 housemates out and she is very known for dividing the house.


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