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Lisa LaFlamme Biography

A Canadian television journalist by the name of Lisa LaFlamme OC OOnt formerly held the positions of primary anchor and senior editor at CTV National News. Her birthday is July 25, 1964, and she was given the honorary titles of OC and OOnt when she was born. On September 5, 2011, she was the one who was selected to take over for Lloyd Robertson in this capacity. In the past, LaFlamme worked for CTV National News both as a stand-in host and as a news international affairs correspondent. The decision to take the program in a “different way” was cited as the rationale given by CTV in its August 2022 announcement that it would be terminating its contract for “business reasons.”

After LaFlamme departed her position as a CTV journalist for CityNews, Rogers Media made the announcement that they had hired her as a special correspondent on September 9, 2022. The primary responsibility of this position is to cover Elizabeth II’s passing and funeral.


Lisa LaFlamme Early life 

The first member of the family was brought into the world in the city of Kitchener, which is located in the province of Ontario in Canada. David and Kathleen LaFlamme. She went on to complete her education at the University of Ottawa after she received her diploma from St. Mary’s High School.

Lisa LaFlamme Career 

The couple’s first child was born in the city of Kitchener, which is located in the province of Ontario in the country of Canada. David LaFlamme, along with his wife Kathleen. She continued her education at the University of Ottawa after completing her high schooling at St. Mary’s High School.


TV National News 

In 2003, LaFlamme became a member of the team of CTV National News. He began his tenure with the network as a foreign journalist and later assumed the role of Lloyd Robertson’s backup anchor. She reported on a vast array of conflicts and global events, including the terrorist attacks on September 11 and the subsequent Iraq War, the Afghan War, the Arab Spring in Cairo, Hurricane Katrina, the 2010 Haitian Earthquake, the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005, and the election of Pope Francis in 2013. In addition, LaFlamme has covered each and every election for the Canadian federal government since 1997. In addition, she has covered each and every Olympic event since the year 2006, most notably the Summer Olympics in Beijing (2008) and London (2012). (2012). She did cover the Royal Weddings of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2012, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2017, and the Diamond and Platinum Jubilees of Queen Elizabeth II, all of which took place in London. In addition, she covered the Diamond and Platinum Jubilees of Queen Elizabeth II.

Laflamme has conducted interviews with members of the Canadian royal family, such as Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York, as well as celebrities from the country, such as former Canadian prime ministers Paul Martin, Jean Chrétien, and Brian Mulroney, Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen Harper, and current Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and his mother Margaret Trudeau. Prince Harry was interviewed for the Toronto Invictus Games and during the London Olympics. Laflamme has also conducted interviews with celebrities from the United In addition, she has had conversations with people such as Alex Trebek, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Benjamin Netanyahu, John Kerry, and Colin Powell. Her questions have been directed toward a number of high-profile individuals, including John Kerry, Colin Powell, former tycoon Conrad Black, and Boris Johnson, who was the Mayor of London at the time.

Following Robertson’s departure from the show in September 2011, LaFlamme was promoted to the position of sole anchor in order to fill the void left by Robertson. LaFlamme was informed by Bell Media, the parent company of CTV, that her contract would not be renewed and that Omar Sachadena would replace her as the anchor of CTV News in the month of June 2022. Sachadena would take over for LaFlamme as the anchor of CTV News. The position of LaFlamme would be taken over by Sachadena.



Mme posted a video to Twitter on August 15, 2022, in which she stated that Bell Media had terminated her contract and claimed that she had been “blindsided” by the move. In the video, she also said that she had been “blindsided” by the action. According to Jesse Brown of Canadaland, LaFlamme was fired from his position at Bell Media by the vice president of the company, Michael Melling. It is reported that the budget for the conflict in the Ukraine and Russia was the source of friction between the two leaders. According to sources within the company, Melling’s decision was supported by Wade Oosterman, who serves as president of Bell Media; Karine Moses, who serves as senior vice president of content development and news; and Mirko Bibic, who serves as president and chief executive officer of BCE Inc. and Bell Canada. After that, Bibic continued by saying, “Viewing habits have changed tremendously, and traditional broadcasting is battling to survive on a worldwide basis.” The future of broadcasting in its more traditional form is clouded as a result of this. We can’t continue to rely on traditional broadcasting in this day and age, with ratings on the decline and the number of worldwide digital platforms continually expanding. The days are long gone when viewers had to stay up until 11 o’clock at night just to catch up on the latest news. Some individuals may be resistant to change; yet, it is unavoidable and we have no choice but to embrace this fact. In order for Bell Media’s journalists to be able to work in an integrated and coordinated manner that is dedicated to achieving a certain goal, the tools they require must be made available to them across all platforms on which the news is consumed. popular strategy In addition to this, the team that covers national news for CTV must operate in a coordinated and integrated fashion. As a result of this reorganization, among other changes, breaking news would no longer be covered first on CTV National News; instead, it would be published on the CTV News website. This change is one of many that will take place. In addition to these improvements, there would be others. Because she “had a legacy contract that paid much more than the current market rate,” LaFlamme was probably a target for those who advocated for cost-cutting at Bell Canada.

Moses stated that LaFlamme “was given the opportunity to have a proper on-air send-off,” but “decided not to say goodbye to the public.” He added that LaFlamme “was offered numerous options to come back and to do many things, which she declined, and I understand that.” LaFlamme “was given the opportunity to have a proper on-air send-off,” but “decided not to say goodbye to the public.”

Moses said, “LaFlamme made the decision not to bid farewell to the general public.” According to some of her former colleagues at CTV, LaFlamme and senior producer Rosa Hwang were responsible for cultivating a hostile environment in the workplace. It was said that LaFlamme’s use of Twitter to announce her departure was “quick, cold, and calculated,” and this was one of the criticisms leveled against her. LaFlamme’s reputation as the chairman of the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party of Ontario was undoubtedly damaged as a result of inaccurate reporting, which contributed to Patrick Brown’s decision to quit from his position as executive vice president of Bell. Brown leveled a libel accusation against CTV, and the dispute over the issue was only resolved very recently. The conclusion to Brown’s legal dispute was just reached recently.

The accusations of misogyny, sexism, and ageism were brought up in the public discourse, as stated by a correspondent for The Guardian named Leyland Cecco. This “furor over LaFlamme’s termination” was reportedly the source of the controversy. In a statement that was made public, Bell Media stated that they will “be taking steps to undertake an independent, third-party internal workplace review.” Bell Media made this announcement. Robyn Doolittle of The Globe and Mail was purportedly told by a “senior CTV executive” that they had observed a meeting in which “Mr. Melling wondered who had approved the plan to let Lisa’s hair turn grey.” One day while working on the set, he saw that Ms. LaFlamme’s hair had begun to turn purple as a result of the studio lighting, which prompted the question: Once more, there is a problem with the hair color. Melissa Fung and Carol Off have both stated that they believe sexism was a factor in the decision to terminate LaFlamme’s employment. CTV reports that on August 26, Melling requested and received permission to take an immediate leave of absence from his job in order to “spend time with his family.” The rationale provided by CTV was debunked by Mirko Bibic, the chief executive officer of BCE Inc., who stated that the absence was taken “waiting the conclusion of the workplace review that is taking place.” The 26th of August was Melling’s first day of vacation. The journalistic staff at CTV has addressed letters to Bibic, the board of directors at BCE, and the president of the firm to “express a lack of trust in Mr. Melling’s leadership,” “serious worries,” and other things. During the past eight months, CTV has fostered the development of a dreadful work culture.

As a way to show their support for LaFlamme on August 25, the Canadian Wendy’s restaurant chain decided to dye their girl mascot’s hair gray rather than red. Dove Canada encouraged its followers to convert their photos to grayscale to show their support for women who are aging gracefully. The company also announced a donation of $100,000 to Catalyst, an organization that promotes inclusive workplaces, even though it did not mention LaFlamme by name. The official Twitter account for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit retweeted the cover of the Maye Musk edition of the magazine, which also features a lady with gray hair, and highlighted the publication’s support for the Dove project in the tweet.



On September 9, 2022, Rogers Media released a statement announcing that it has assigned LaFlamme to the position of special correspondent to cover the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the legacy that she left behind. During her time in London, she will be reporting on various CityNews-related topics for its many platforms.



  • 1988: joined CKCO as copy writer and script assistant
  • 1989–1999: Radio News Reporter for CFCA/AM109
  • 1991–1997: Reporter and Anchor for CKCO
  • 1997–1998: Weekend Anchor/Reporter for CTV NEWS NET
  • 1997–1998: Consumer Reporter, CTV News
  • 1998–2000: Prime News Anchor for CTV Newsnet (now CTV News Channel)
  • 2000–2001: Parliamentary Correspondent, CTV News
  • 2001–2003: Co-host of Canada AM
  • 2003–2010: National Affairs Correspondent, CTV National News with Lloyd Robertson
  • 2010: Appointed successor to Lloyd Robertson as full-time anchor of CTV National News 
  • 2011–2022: Chief Anchor and Senior Editor CTV National News with Lisa LaFlamme 
  • 2022-present: Special correspondent for CityNews.


Volunteer work 

An article from CTV News from June 2019 provided a comprehensive account of the charitable work that LaFlamme has been doing:

As a volunteer for Journalists for Human Rights (JHR), LaFlamme has traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo with the organization to teach and advise aspiring young journalists there. During her time there, she met with a number of them. Her program gives eligible journalists working for CTV News the opportunity to participate in JHR missions in locations all over the world. LaFlamme is a volunteer with Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, and in that capacity she works to improve the education of Afghan women and their families, as well as the educational options available to them. She also serves as an ambassador for PLAN International, traveling to remote areas to promote the organization’s cause of protecting the rights of children.



In addition to receiving numerous distinctions from the RTDNA and a Galaxi Award from the Canadian Cable Television Association in 1999, LaFlamme has been considered for the Gemini award for Best News Anchor on five separate occasions during the course of his career.

LaFlamme was honored with two Canadian Screen Awards in March 2014 for her work as a news anchor and producer for CTV National News. The awards were given in the categories of “Best National Newscast” and “Best News Anchor.” After being inducted into the Order of Ontario in 2016, she was awarded the prestigious status of member in recognition of her service. The year 2019, which is the present year, was when Lisa was promoted to the rank of officer in the Order of Canada.

Late in the month of June 2019, the position of Officer in the Order of Canada was bestowed upon 83 deserving Canadians; LaFlamme was one of those individuals. (O.C.). According to a news source, LaFlamme has been given this honor “in recognition of her services to journalism and news transmission, as well as her support and promotion of human rights.”

Wilfrid Laurier University (2018), the University of Windsor (2018), and the University of Ottawa (2018) are just a few of the universities that have bestowed honorary degrees upon her (2014). (2006).

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