Meet the 12 new housemates that entered on the second day of bbnaija premiere


From onitcha in anambra state, she said she’s a lover at first site. She said the season will be interesting because she’s there. She’s fun, she’s unique, she’s the life of the party, and she loves enjoyment.

She said, she’s going to take it to the next level because she’s living here life. She also said the housemates will hate her because she won’t keep her mouth shut, she’s always talking.

Furthermore, she said the housemates will love her because she’s a sweet girl. She’s hates dirtyness.

She said one thing that will be difficult for her in the house is participating in tasks because she just like to do her thing and doesn’t know how to condone other people’s emotions.


He said he’s going to give us a lot of energy, vibes and enthusiasm. He also said if he was biggy he would love to play mind games with the housemates. He said he’s a magnet and he’s going to be everyone’s guy.

He said he’s a dancer and he’ll survive the house because he’s the people’s person and very loyal to the core. He stated that his greatest fear is loosing his friends and family members.


She said she’s going to take things to the next level by bringing happy vibes when it’s needed and disrespectful vibes when it’s needed.

And if she was big brother for this season, she’ll definitely leave everybody in the house, she won’t evict anybody and at the end of the day she’ll just give the money to one person.

She’s said she’s a great manipulator and that’s one personality trait that will keep her in the house. She also said the fans will love how positive cheerful and lovable she is. Because she says things as it is.


He said he’s going to take it to the next level in the house by making sure he has a bit of an opinion in everybody’s business. He’s a people’s person and that is one personality trait that will keep him in the house.

His strategy going into the house is to be himself.


She said she’ll be up in the house by being herself 100% and this will make her stand out. She said she’s different she’s unique and she’s a very open minded person and she said she’s single.

She also said she’s going to withstand any trouble because she’s resilient and hard working and slo very open minded.


He said he’s going to stay up in the house by remaining competitive, he said audience are going to love him because he’s a very straight forward guy and very friendly and he loves to have fun too.

He stated that his strategy in the house is going to be giving his best in the tasks.


She said she’s going to take it to the next level by showing us what she’s got, her talents and dancing as well.

She can’t stand people that try to bring others down just because they feel superior or they gave more advantage in life than others.

The housemates will love her because she’s sweet, she’s kind, beautiful and tall and shes caring and generous. She also said she’s going to make sure she wins and all the games and make sure she’s not being nominated.


The personality of his that’s going to make him stay up in the house is his level of tolerance and he doesn’t have any strategy.

He also said, the fans will like him because he’s bringing primal vibes and he doesn’t fake anything neither does he discriminate.


The 19th housemate to be introduced to the bbnaija house.. she said her strategy is being close to everybody, she also said the fans will Mbc ever hate her because she’s too nice.

One thing people should watch for her in the game is her straight forward side. She said she’s single and ready to mingle.


Said he’s going to take it to the next level by being himself. The traits that’ll help him survive in the house would be being truthful. His favorite food is garri and egusi soup .

One thing no one will see him doing in the house is talk things behind people’s back and one thing people will hate about him will be being brutal.


She’s bringing herself to the show with real vibes that has never been seen in any reality tv show.

One thing she won’t be caught doing in the house is kiss and tell and people are going to love her because of her truth and sometimes she might be disliked for stubbornness.


He’ll take it to the next level by bringing in vibes and energy. And if he was big brother, he’d have a party every two night because of his good energy.

He also said he’s real, he’s honest and he’s nice. He also said his strategy is to be himself and he has no other strategy.

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