“Phyna And Chi Chi Will Be Shocked When I Win The BBNaija Show,” BBNaija Chomzy Brags To Bella (VIDEO)

It seems the hatred between (Chomzy and Bella) and (Phyna and Chi Chi) seems to be growing daily. The duo are never happy for each other when they win a task and this was also evident in Lush Hair Task.



Chomzy and her team, Bella, Groovy, Hermes and Rachel won the Lush Hair Task and this caused Phyna and Chi Chi to be upset as they complained that Chomzy and Bella are trying to rub the loss on their faces.


Chomzy and Bella noticed that they were angry and had a little discussion. In their discussion, they revealed that Phyna and Chi Chi Will be shocked if she wins the show.



Chomzy told Bella that Phyna and Chi Chi were dumbfounded when they saw them in level 3 house. Bella also went ahead to say if she stays this weekend , they can kīll her and Chomzy mocked the 2 of them by asking Bella what if she wins the show.




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