“Phyna Has The Right To Get Angry If She Wants, But I Will Make Sure She Doesn’t Get Physical,” Groovy Tells Biggie (VIDEO)

Groovy also revealed his take on the outburst between Phyna and Bella. He also went ahead to reveal what he will do whenever Phyna gets angry.



The heated argument between Phyna and Bella got a lot of people talking. The 2 were insulting each other and this almost led to a physical fight if not for the intervention of other housemates. Groovy also had to take sides with Phyna likewise Sheggz had to take sides with Bella.


Groovy during his diary session with Big Brother revealed that Phyna had the right to get angry. He also revealed that Rachel was doing her best to satisfy Bella but Bella and Sheggz called her stup!d. He also revealed that Sheggz and Bella behave badly and this has even made them cook their food separately.



Groovy also stated that has the right to get angry if she wants, but he will make sure she doesn’t get physical. Fans supported him for what he said as they believed he is an husband material.






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