We don’t know whether the love between Bella and Sheggz will make them get married to each other but it seems the 2 lovers have plane to get married to each other.



While in a discussion with other housemates, Sheggz revealed they venue for his wedding with Bella. He also revealed the number of guests that will be attending to the wedding and this has gotten viewers of the show talking.


According to Sheggz, he revealed the wedding will be taking place in Italy particularly Bora Bora Island. We could confirm about the island as he discussed with Bella during their romantic date on Friday night.


He also went ahead to reveal that he will be sponsoring for the visas of 100 guests and the wedding will be a bang.



Viewers of the show believed that Sheggz is just exaggerating his wedding with Bella as they are not even sure whether they will get married. Some said Sheggz fantasize a lot and he will make a great liar.