“The Way You React When Triggered Would Make People Assume You Are Wrong, Learn To Ignore,” Doyin Reveals To Bella (VIDEO)

Bella and Phyna outburst yesterday got a lot of people talking with different opinions. Well, that is what we subscribed for. Quarrels and outbursts including relationships has always been the main contents of the show. Many people supported Phyna on this while few supported Bella but whichever way, we know who is wrong and who is right.



Sheggz and Bella were chatting with Chomzy on food and Phyna entered the lounge. She instructed everyone not to take about food except the wager tasks they were preparing for. Bella doesn’t seem comfortable with that instruction and she had to say her own. Phyna had to insult her which led to the outburst in the house.


The both of them had to insult each other. Bella called her a street girl and Phyna had to ask her who trained her? The extent of the quarrel had to involve other housemates to settle the matter which they eventually did.


Doyin on his take while speaking to Bella revealed that she shouldn’t have reacted that way. Doyin told Bella that the way she reacted would make people assume that she is wrong and that she should ignore next time. She also pointed out that she might just go home and open her phone and all she sees is hate.



Fans believed that Doyin is smart and probably shouldn’t have been evicted. Some also pointed out that she is very observant and probably she reads minds.


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