“This Chomzy Dey Overconfident,” Reactions As Doyin, Eloswag And Chomzy Were Evicted From The BBNaija Show (VIDEO)

We all know Chomzy, Eloswag and Doyin were earlier evicted from the show some weeks ago but they were later moved to level 3 in house. Big Brother decided to bring them to the housemates as guests but neither the housemates nor the evicted housemates knew that they were evicted.



This Sunday evening, they were evicted by the Ninjas . Remember the Ninjas are the black-clothed and masked people who enter the house. Usually, they are the ones who deliver various things inside the house that are related to the tasks, twists or activities.



During the eviction, viewers of the show noticed the confidence in Chomzy whether she was thinking she won’t be evicted. Even when Ebuka asked her about what will she do after the show, she said she will keep winning outside as she has been winning in the house.



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