“This Love Sweet O,” Reactions As Phyna And Groovy Settled Their Dispute As They K!ss Passionately (VIDEO )

Many people are concerned about Phyna and Groovy’s relationship since some of them believe it is not genuine. Recently, Phyna appears to be concerned about her connection with Groovy as she revealed that Groovy constantly ignores her and also doesn’t love to say “I love you” to her.



On Saturday evening, we saw them having a furious disagreement after Phyna disclosed that Groovy had decided to leave her alone during the party. We could see Groovy pleading along the way as he revealed that he wasn’t in the mood.


While Groovy was pleading, Phyna stated that Groovy doesn’t like her and that she is deluding herself by believing he loves her. She also advised Groovy to go find the girl he loved while they attempted to end their relationship.



But recently, we could see both of them kissing passionately as they settled their feuds. This has made people wondered how love is. Some said that they will never interfere in lovers’ issues.

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