Top 5 Most Beautiful BBNaija Dark Queens Over The Years

Top 5 Most Beautiful BBNaija Dark Queens Over The Years

Big Brother Naija is one of Nigeria’s most popular reality TV shows. It is well-known for providing viewers with a fun and entertaining experience. To summarise, viewers of Big Brother Naija have seen the faces of attractive female queens who are also sexy and handsome and muscular male kings.


Big Brother Naija has never failed to show us some stunning melanin queens who are proud of their chocolate skin and appreciate, cherish, and love their dark complexions.
Let’s look at the top five most stunning women of color appearing on the Big Brother Nigeria show.


5. Wathoni


One of the housemates from the season 5 lockdown edition who helped spice up the show is Wathoni, whose full name is Florence Wathoni Anyansi. She is also known as Wathoni Wathoni. Her beauty is indescribable, and she has Nigerian and Kenyan features mixed in her appearance. Her charming grins and adorable dimples show how stunningly gorgeous she is.

4. Vee

What am I even supposed to say about Vee? Is it more about her beauty without makeup? She is so stunning that not even Neo could stay away from her, and even Laycon couldn’t help but get friendly with her. She reminds me more of the model Naomi Campbell, who is quite famous. She is 24 years old and was also a contestant in the lockdown edition of Big Brother Nigeria season 5.


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3. Diane

They say that northerners in Nigeria are beautiful, and this is so true that I can’t argue that Diane is one of the most beautiful melanin queens to have graced the BBNaija show. Precious Humana Yashim, also known by her stage name Diane Russet, participated in the fourth season of Big Brother Nigeria. Because of the beauty of her lips and eyes, she came in third place on the list of the top five most beautiful melanin queens that have ever graced the Big Brother Naija show.

2. Saskay

Saskay participated in the sixth season of Big Brother Nigeria. The low cut she wears, her smile, and the gap in her teeth all contribute to her stunning appearance. Not to mention her rich dark skin, her eyes, and her dimples are also contributing factors to her beauty. The fact that she is also from the north of Nigeria lends credence to the assertion that Nigerian women from the north tend to have more attractive features.

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1. Kim Oprah


Chinonso Opara, better known by her stage name Kim Oprah, will almost certainly take the number one spot.
She triumphs not just in terms of her chocolate complexion but also in her whole body shape, and there is simply no competition regarding her stunning good looks. She was also a beauty queen in the past, which is one of the reasons why she is at the top of this list of gorgeous melanin queens who have appeared on the BBNaija show. She participated in the fourth season of Big Brother Nigeria.


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