Top 5 Richest Big Brother Naija Housemates Of 2021

Top 5 Richest Big Brother Naija Housemates Of 2021

Big brother Naija is a Nigerian reality television show where contestants are chosen and move into a different house to contest for a massive sum of money and another cash prize. We had various competitors in the home, such as Angel, white money, Pere, Emmanuel Niyi, Princess, and many others.


Let’s go and talk about the wealthiest BBN housemate in 2021.


Top 5 Richest Big Brother Naija Housemates Of 2021



According to various sources, light-skinned Maria is said to be the first on the list with a net value of $1.5 million, making her the wealthiest BBN housemate. Her full name is Maria Chike; she once worked as a flight attendant with Emirates airlines; after leaving her job as a flight attendant, she ventured into working as a realtor in Dubai. Additionally, she once worked in a famous firm in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.




The next on the list is Boma, whose full name is Boma Akpore, with an estimated net worth of $1 million, making him the second richest housemate. Little did you know he participated in Nigeria’s famous fashion exhibition in 2004 before being selected as a BBN housemate. He has worked with movie actors in the diaspora, which tells you Boma is also a fantastic actor you see.



I call him lover boy for a reason (Laughs). The third on the list is Emmanuel, whose full name is Emmanuel Umoh, with an estimated net worth of around 500,000 dollars. Emmanuel made history when he won the Mister African international competition. It is also reported that Emmanuel owns a center based on body fitness for both males and females.




The fourth on the list is Pere, who goes by the name Pere Egbi. An adorable and handsome guy whose net worth is estimated to be around $300,000, making him the fourth richest, Pere is a trained nurse who spent six years in the US Army before moving to Nigeria to achieve his long-time aim as a real estate agent.



The last on the list of richest BBN housemates is Whitemoney, the winner of last year’s big brother Naija show. His full name is Hazel, Oyeze, Onu, with a net worth of 300,000 dollars. White money is also a music artist who recently released his first single, “SELENSE” with over 200,000 streams.

White money works with a developed solution for a company that imports shoes into the country. He once worked as a plumber, bike rider, barber, and mast worker. It will go down in history as the 2021 Big brother Naija show winner.


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