Watch The Moment Bella Breaks Down In Tears As Sheggz Was Separated From Her (VIDEO)

If we could recollect, Phyna, Groovy, Chomzy, Eloswag, Chi Chi and Sheggz went for a movie date and a sleep over. This movie date was proudly sponsored by Big Brother.



In the movie date, we could see the housemates settling their feuds, talking about their relationships and pouring out their minds on being offended and this was a good idea among the housemates.


As we all know, Sheggz was part of those who went for the movie date. This left Bella heartbroken as she was almost crying that Sheggz has left. Rachel too was seen crying as only Chi Chi would be going for the movie date when she thought she would also be going.



This really caused a lot of reactions online as they believed she is being childlish. Some went as far as saying she would voluntarily leave the house if Sheggz is being evicted.



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