Watch The Moment Regina Daniel’s Son, Munir, Struggles To Speak As He Bathes Himself In Body Oil (VIDEO)

It is so lovely to watch the kids while they are growing. To some, they feel it is stressful and even though it is stressful and the expenses that come with it is also much, they are still lovely to watch.



Regina Daniel’s son, Munir, tried to speak after he did something very funny. He rubbed his body with body oil in excess and this got his mother talking as she tried to collect the oil from Munir. He refused to let go of the bottle even when his mother was complaining why he applied so much of the oil.


While dragging the oil with his mum, he tried to pronounce the name of the oil but went on to say the colour. He pronounced “coyo yeyow” and he has such a lovely voice whole pronouncing the word.



Fans while reacting commented that babies are lovely to watch while some also commented on his cute voice.


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