“When It Comes To You, I Am A Mumu”, Bella Reveals To Sheggz How She Feels About Him (VIDEO)

Bella and Sheggz relationship is not being talked enough among viewers of the BBNaija show. I believe this relationship is one of the best relationship of this show and as we all know, we named them, Shella (Sheggz and Bella).



If we could recollect, Big Brother decided to grant Bella her request of a romantic date between her and Sheggz. It was all joy and a romantic moment between these 2 as they go for the romantic date.


During the romantic date, both of them say what interest them. According to Sheggz, he revealed it was a blessing to be on the show and it is a bigger and better blessing to meet her. He also revealed that Bella has made her a better person.


Bella also revealed that she loved him so much and when it comes to him, she is a mumu. She also revealed that she will trust him so much and she will wait for him no matter what happens on Sunday.



Fans were happy for the both of them but some of them believed that one of the will be evicted for Big Brother to grant her request of a romantic date with Sheggz.

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