Wizkid Sent An Email To Tunde Ednut Requesting For Money – Tunde Ednut Shares Screenshot

Artist turned blogger Tunde Ednut has shared a screenshot of Wizkid Ayo begging him for money for something as things are supposedly hard for him now.

We know some of these scammers impersonate celebrities and guess Wizkid has got his own share of the impersonation as a fraudster supposedly he sends an email to Tunde Ednut to give him some money because things are hard for him.

Guess the scammer chose the wrong person to defraud as we doubt Tunde Ednut will give Wizkid a pesewa or Naira when he is aware of the lavish lifestyle he’s living on the gram not to talk of how much he charges per show.

Whoever this Wizkid Ayo is has cut the wrong meat because Tunde Ednut himself needs help more than him impersonating to be Wizkid who we all know is very rich based on his lifestyle and the number of shows he’s been playing every single week.

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