“You Are Lucky I’m On My Period, I Would Have [email protected]ēd You,” Phyna Reveals To Groovy In The HoH Lounge (VIDEO)

Phyna and Groovy have bonded over time and I can say they are one of the best lovers running in the BBNaija reality TV show. These 2 lovers didn’t start on a good note but now they are sweet to watch.



On Tuesday night, Phyna revealed to Groovy why they won’t be having sēx. The 2 of them spent their first night in the HoH room last night and they spoke about their desire to be intimate with each other.


According to Groovy, he said the room go hot. Phyna later added that she would have [email protected] her if not that she was on her period. Groovy replied cool story bro and Phyna later added that by Thursday or Friday, they would get intimate with each other. See their conversation below;


Groovy: This HOH room go burn


Phyna: You are lucky I am on my period, I would’ve [email protected] you.


Groovy: Cool story bro



Fans laughed as they believed that their love story is pleasuring to watch.



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