“You Don’t Love Me, I’m Just Fooling Myself, Go Get That Girl You Like,” Phyna Says To Groovy As They Break Up (VIDEO)

Many people are being concerned about the relationship between Phyna and Groovy as some of them believed it is not a genuine relationship. Recently , Phyna seems to be bothered about her relationship with Groovy as she sets to break up.

On Saturday evening, we could see both of them having an heated argument as Phyna revealed that Groovy decided to leave her alone. Along the line, we could see Groovy pleading.

While Groovy was pleading, Phyna revealed that Groovy doesn’t like her and she is just fooling herself into thinking that he loves her. She also told Groovy that he should go get the girl he loved as they seek to break up.

Some haters of the relationship were happy as the relationship between these two seem to coming to an end while some said they will not comment since they know that they might be back.

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