Phyna seems to be bothered about her relationship with Groovy as she seeks to know whether Groovy is the right man for her.



While the housemates were having a discussion earlier, Chizzy said to other housemates that he would chase Doyin for a relationship. According to him , he felt Doyin is a good girl and he would love to go into a relationship with her.


Phyna on the other hand had to ask Chizzy about what he felt about Groovy. Chizzy’s reply was funny. Chizzy told Phyna that she needs to hold God tightly when it comes to Groovy. See their conversation below;


Chizzy: Doyin is a good girl, and after the show, I will chase her for a relationship.


Phyna: What do you think about Groovy?


Chizzy: You need to hold God tight when it comes to Groovy.



Fans of the show felt Chizzy was saying the truth and that Groovy hasn’t been so emotionally entangled with Phyna.