Reality TV star, Angel Smith and a fan of Liquorose exchanged words on twitter after the fan advised her to warn her supporters.



Angel Smith


The fan of Liquorose tweeted:

“I think it’s high time you caution your disciples to stop dragging  Liquorose into whenever you tweet”


Angel Smith responded:

“Honestly keep shut because your team members have been tagging and insulting me unprovoked, who came to my rescue???


The fan continued:

Cheap whore calling me names, f!nger finger angel…getat and go open your legs for Boma and others to give you [email protected]


Angel responded again:

“It is your mother and your mother’s mother that is a whor€, dont go and be productive, be fighting for someone that doesn’t even care if you’ve eaten today”


See more in screenshots below:

Angel Smith Bbnaija