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Zoe Mthiyane Biography

Zoe Mthiyane is a well-known South African actress who was born on November 9, 1983. She is well recognized for her role in the television series Generations. Zitha, a character in the show, was played by an actress who was born in South Africa. She has worked in the entertainment industry for more than fourteen (14) years, which has given her a wealth of expertise in the field. She had a difficult upbringing and struggled with low self-esteem as a result of growing up in a polygamous environment. Even now, her mother continues to play a significant role in assisting her daughter in overcoming this obstacle and developing her self-confidence. She made her debut in the modelling industry before moving on to pursue a career in acting. Since then, the diva from the soap opera has been successful in increasing her fan base with her performances. Her impressive abilities and professional demeanour have aided in the development of a considerable following for her.

Zoe Mthiyane Early Life

Zoe Mthiyane comes from a household that does not have a lot of money. She was brought up in a household with multiple mothers. Her mother is the youngest of her father’s five wives, and she is the fifth to marry him. On the 9th of November, 1983 was the day she was born.

In spite of the fact that no kid ever intentionally chooses to be raised in a polygamous household, that’s exactly what happened to Zoe Mthiyane. She felt like she had a better understanding of how people interact as a result of the event, thus she thought of it as having a mixed bag of emotions. There were a total of six children that Zoe’s mother gave birth to, four of whom were boys, and two of whom were girls.

Her place of birth and upbringing was in the town of Mabhuyeni, which is located in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. When Zoe Mthiyane was small, people used to tease her and refer to her as an “unwanted unattractive girl.” As a direct result of this, she suffered from low self-esteem and created a negative view of herself.

After her mother won first place in a beauty contest in 1973, Zoe was made to wear high heels so that she might gain a better appreciation for herself. In addition, Zoe entered beauty pageants in an effort to help her regain her self-confidence. In 2011, she was shaken to the core by the sudden and untimely death of her mother.


Zoe Mthiyane Profile

Full Name: Zoe Mthiyane
Daughter: Lulonke
Born: 9 November 1983 (age 38 years old)
Place of Birth: Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Baby Daddy: Robert Marawa
Nationality: South African
Boyfriend • Spouse: Robert Marawa (ex.), Rapulana Seiphemo
Children: Lulonke, Awande Marawa
Occupation: Actress • Tv Personality
Net Worth: $400,000-$750,000


Zoe Mthiyane Education

Attending Little Flower Primary School was Zoe Mthiyane. She was enrolled in Ixopo High School after finishing. She spent her entire time in primary and secondary school living in a boarding house.

Zoe Mthiyane Career

Because of her role in the popular television series Generations in South Africa, the actress has gained widespread recognition among television viewers there. Zoe Mthiyane became more well-known and well-liked among viewers of the show because of the role of Zitha, which she performed in the show. This was her first work in the acting industry.

In addition to her part on Generations, she has appeared in a number of other roles on television. Zoe starred as the main character in the 2016 film The Legend of Tarzan, which was a commercial success. In the film, she plays a role similar to that of a vocalist.

The next year, in 2017, she has cast in yet another acting job. She played the part of Katherine in the film adaptation of the play “She Is King.” She continues to act as Zitha from Generations in all of her performances.



  • Generations
  • She is King
  • Legend of Tarzan


Zoe Mthiyane Personal Life

Two (2) kids were born to Zoe Mthiyane. On July 18, 2011, Awande Marawa, her first child, was born at The Bay Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The outcome of Zoe Mthiyane and Robert Marawa’s loving engagement is Awande.

She has a second child, Lulonke, whose father’s identity has not been made public. Two (2) men are said to have been involved in her romantic life. However, there are speculations circulating that she is dating Rapulana Seiphemo, a Generations castmate. Her decision to keep quiet about the story has drawn criticism.

After a photo of her with Seiphemo surfaced on social media, the rumours began to gain more momentum and intensity.

The well-known TV personality is rumoured to have problems with alcohol, according to insiders. Her problem with alcohol is having a bad impact on both her relationship and her work.

The same sources report that she has drinking problems and that she blames them on her ex-boyfriend Robert Marawa, who is also a drinker, as well as on the fact that we are usually together. Robert Marawa is also a drinker.

The actress is claimed to have an ailment that causes her to forget her lines frequently, which is damaging her career. Even at work, she doesn’t bother to show up. Her drinking problems are rumoured to have held down the production of Generations on more than one occasion, according to reports.

On the other side, many are of the opinion that she should have been kicked off the show if the charges turn out to be true and they are taken seriously. As a result of this, television producers in South Africa have a low tolerance for unprofessionalism.

Social Media

Zoe Mthiyane is active on the social media sites Twitter and Instagram; her social media account, which is the same for both platforms, is @Zoe Mthiyane. On both of those networks, she has more than a quarter of a million followers.


Net Worth

Television star Zoe Mthiyane, who is well-liked and admired in her home country of South Africa, is reported to have a net worth of between $400,000 and $750,000.

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